Our Doner kebab is  made of meat( %70 beef and %30 lamb) which is marinated with yoghurt,onion juice, salt and black pepper overnight, cooked on a vertical rotisserie and outer layer is sliced into thin shavings as it cooks. 
You will get 1 pound frozen pre-cut and cooked gyro strips, good for 2-3 servings which is ready to eat. 
We recommend serving on our Turkish flat bread with a siding of fresh green salads or rice or fries for a whole meal.

Warming Instructions:

Thaw pre-cooked Gyro slices overnight in your refrigerator.
In a medium skillet, heat Gyro on medium-high heat for approximately until warmed through and steamy.

Turkish Doner (gyro) Kebab

  • Thaw Gyros Slices overnight in your refrigerator or until thawed.


    PAN or SKILLET: Heat Gyros Slices on medium/high heat for approximately 15-20 seconds per side until warm and steamy. 


    Remember: Gyros Slices are precooked, so DO NOT overcook when heating.