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Let me share this adventure with you!!!

Feride ÖZKAN


Owner and the head cook of the company.


Anatolian Peninsula where i was born and grew is like an endless source to all kind of foods. Everyday my mom was spending hours in the kitchen to prepare delicious and healthy dishes of Anatolia. I was just watching and trying to help her all those times and now i decided to share these amazing foods with you...

Ozfeka Catering delivers fresh, authentic Turkish cuisine to your door. Online ordering makes it easy to discover our entire menu including mains like Borek, Kofte, Gyro and Manti; Mezze like Stuffed Grape Leaves, Hummus, Babaganoush and Flatbread; and even desserts like Baklava. Check out our menu, delivery schedule, weekly Farmers Market locations, catering info and more...

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